Finviz Scanner Settings

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Our comprehensive PDF guide helps you unlock the immense power of Finviz, a robust stock screener tool with about 70 dynamic parameters.

With our Proven Finviz Screener Settings, you'll get access to our custom settings,helping you find top-performing US stocks for both Day Trading and Swing Trading. 

Some of our users have witnessed phenomenal outcomes, including:

125.9%GAIN Rapidly identifying stocks with strong momentum
149.1%GAIN Detecting stocks that are primed for a short squeeze
277.9% GAIN Scanning for steady midterm performers

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Buyer Reviews

Before I came across these phenomenal Finviz settings, I was wasting countless hours and energy trying to navigate the overwhelming stock market, often ending up with subpar selections due to the overwhelming data and my screener's complex interface. However, since buying these settings, the transformation has been night and day. The custom settings have simplified my trading process, streamlining my stock selection and analysis, leading to more profitable opportunities. These settings has truly revolutionized my trading strategy, saving time and increasing efficiency.



- Screener 1: Stocks trading strong after good earnings [Day Trading/Swing Trading]

- Screener 2: Momentum - Stocks gapping up with very high volume [Day Trading]

- Screener 3: Short Squeeze Scanner [Day Trading]

- Screener 4: Technically Strong Moving Averages [Day Trading/Swing Trading]

- Screener 5: Steady performance In Midterm [Swing Trading]

- Extra tip #1: How to save up to 50 screener settings in Finviz

- Extra tip #2: How to run our screeners

- Extra tip #3: Secret advice