You have the ambition; Galileo FX has the opportunity.

Here, your drive for continuous improvement and excellence shapes not just your career but our collective success. With a team that stands out for its autonomy and expertise, you’re in the driver’s seat, making impactful decisions without the shadow of micromanagement. We expect nothing less than your best, offering challenges that match your zeal. If you’re ready to join a team of exceptional individuals, Galileo FX is where your potential transforms into reality.
We are techno-enthusiasts and self-mastery proponents. We believe in the power of human potential to achieve freedom and independence.

We believe in self-determination, enablement, continuous learning and evolution.

Let's help ambitious investors leverage technology daily through our software.

Working at Galileo FX.

Adaptive flexibility.

We balance necessity and flexibility. Structured shifts for some, adaptable hours for others. Performance is our measure, growth is our goal. Together, we expand our capabilities and contributions, powering our collective advancement.

Work-life harmony.

At our core, a 40-hour week is optimal—maximizing efficiency, ensuring well-being. We champion smart work over long hours. A harmonious balance leads to innovation, satisfaction, and superior results for everyone involved.

Remote-first excellence.

Our commitment is to talent, not location. We're remote-first, believing in the power of work from anywhere. This approach draws a diverse, dynamic team—each member growing in skill and number, pushing the boundaries of financial software.

Focused on growth.

Growth defines us: our team, our skills, our client success. Education and professional development are pillars, with resources allocated to fuel learning and advancement. Every member plays a part in our collective progress, driving us toward new heights in the financial software industry.