Easy to use. Automated. Reliable.

Galileo FX operates by continuously scanning the market for profitable opportunities. Once it finds such an opportunity, it takes action by autonomously executing trades, all the while adhering to the parameters established by the user.

Galileo FX Personal, Plus and Pro.

Up to 96.46% Accuracy, in All Market Conditions. See Backtests.

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Galileo FX CEO Declares War on Industry's 'Profit Illusion'

Galileo FX CEO Ignites Industry with Honest Trading Approach and Unveils Advanced Loss-Protection Measures

Galileo FX Dominates the Automated Trading Industry with a 90% Positive Tech Support Rating

+279.94% - GBP/USD - Timeframe: M30

+762.48% - EUR/CAD - Timeframe: M1

+320.69% - USD/CHF - Timeframe: M1

+211.45% - EUR/GBP - Timeframe: m5

221.31% - EUR/CHF - Timeframe: M1

+301.83% - GBP/CHF - Timeframe: M1

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