Galileo FX Settings

Here are our Galileo FX Settings. Lot size can vary (from 0.01 to 1).
3 styles of trading: Slow, Fast and Aggressive.

    Minimize losses. Best for 24/7 trading.
    Goal: Minimize risk of losses as much as possible, while making steady profits. Needs to run 24/7 for best performance. Usually makes a few trades a week.

    Best risk/reward. Best for short periods.
    Goal: Get good profits while keeping an eye on losses. Possibility of losses, so we suggest to monitor the bot while operating in Fast mode. Usually makes a few trades a hour.

    Best for very short periods with your supervision.
    Goal: aggressive style of trading; open trades with high risk/reward ratio. Usually makes many trades a hour. Possibility of high profits but also high losses if not used correctly. Best suited for professional or advanced traders or for Demo accounts.
    Warning: High Profit/High Risk mode.
    DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that these are just the settings we use and that we are not financial or investment advisors, this is not investing advice, always use your judgment before deciding to trade live with real money.
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