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3 Months of VIP Support

3 Months of VIP Support

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Get faster responses to your emails. In case you need technical support, our team will prioritize your emails and reply to you before all the non-VIP clients.

Get specialized and personalized VIP support for just 60€/month.

You'll wait less for Support Session appointments. We’ll do our best to book an appointment on the same or within 24 hours (week-ends excluded).

How do I use VIP Support?

Simply contact our Support at - your emails will be labeled as "VIP Customer" and you'll receive faster replies and Support Sessions appointments on the same day (subject to availability).

Why do I need VIP Support?

If you want to save time and fix any technical problem with Galileo FX, we suggest to join VIP Support. You don't need to do anything, simply purchase your 3 months membership and you'll get instant access.

What are the requirements?

A valid license for Galileo FX is required.

Price: 180€ for 3 months. When the 3 months package expires, you can buy another one.

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