Generate profits consistently.

Unlock immediate profitability with 130+ pre-configured settings
Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for profitable settings with other bots.

With Galileo FX, you'll have access to 130 pre-configured settings for pairs including crypto, forex, gold, and silver, allowing you to start earning profits right away. No need to waste time finding the right combination – we've done the work for you.

Achieve up to 96.46% accuracy

Galileo FX has proven its worth, maintaining an average accuracy of 97.6% over the past 2 years in bull and bear market conditions.

Compared to manual traders who typically only achieve a 5% success rate, it's no surprise that more and more individuals trust Galileo FX to trade on their behalf. Experience unparalleled precision with Galileo FX.

Verified performance in all market conditions

Galileo FX's results are independently verified by MyFxBook, the world's leading source for trading report verification. With over 20 verified results, you can have confidence in the accuracy of our performance.

Transparency and trust are at the forefront of our mission, and we make it easy for you to replicate our success. By providing access to our winning settings and showcasing verified back-tested results in real-time through our YouTube channel, you can start achieving 100% profitability with Galileo FX.

Easy to set-up and use.

With a user-friendly interface.

Instant download after payment
Say goodbye to long approvals and wait times.

With Galileo FX, you'll receive immediate access to the download page after completing your payment. A confirmation page with a prominent "Download Now" button will appear, allowing you to safely download Galileo FX onto your computer.

Additionally, you will receive an email receipt with the same download links, providing easy access to Galileo FX at any time. Experience hassle-free installation and start trading smarter now.

Start trading automatically in minutes

Say goodbye to complex trading processes and hello to immediate profits with Galileo FX. Ideal for those new to the trading world, this logical robotic trader eliminates the potential for emotional mistakes and losses.

With just a quick installation, you'll be ready to start earning in no time. Experience seamless and stress-free trading with Galileo FX.
No trading or coding experience required
Forgoing the traditional route of learning how to trade or code your own trading bot can be a long and difficult journey. The reality is that becoming a professional coder takes years of dedicated effort and practice.

With Galileo FX, there's less need to invest your time and energy into learning a new skill. Simply download and start trading automatically right away. Don't let a lack of experience hold you back from securing your financial future. Get Galileo FX today and start reaping the rewards.
Step-by-step video tutorials and guides
With Galileo FX, you have access to straightforward and comprehensive tutorials and guides in both video and written format. These resources make it a breeze to install Galileo FX and get started. If you prefer, you can also opt for our convenient Remote Installation Service to have it installed for you. Get started earning profits with ease today!
Let Galileo FX handle the chart analysis for you
Gone are the days of tedious technical analysis. Galileo FX takes care of it for you in real-time, using the powerful "Consecutive Signals" indicator.

This innovative indicator identifies high-probability trades with precision, as proven in a recent study where using consecutive signals resulted in a 450% increase in profitability compared to manual trading.

Keep your funds safe and secure.

Choose from any online broker that you trust
Say goodbye to bots that collect your deposit or force you to use affiliated brokers. With Galileo FX, your money is always in your control.

Choose from any online broker that you trust, without sacrificing the safety of your deposit. Galileo FX does not have access to your funds, investments, or capital, ensuring that your money is always stored securely in your broker's accounts.

To ensure peace of mind, we recommend selecting a regulated and trusted broker, such as Oanda, IC Markets, FP Markets, and many others.
Safe and encrypted payment
Galileo FX implements top-notch security measures to ensure the safety of your investments.

Verified broker integration

We suggest to use only trusted and verified brokers to minimize the risk of fraud.

Get quick responses to your inquiries and support in case of any issues.

High-Quality Customer Service
Our expert support team is available to assist you every weekday from 9am to 5pm CET. Ensuring your satisfaction with our robot is our top priority, and our high standards are reflected in our 90% average happiness score.

We personally respond to each email and work with you until you're completely satisfied. Our team operates with a professional and respectful attitude, and we expect the same from our clients for a smooth and efficient problem-solving experience.

Convenient and Free Support

In the event of technical issues, we offer Support Sessions where we can connect to your PC and resolve the problem while you watch. This service is available to all of our clients and is completely free of charge.

At Galileo FX, we take pride in our high levels of service and positive customer experience. Our technology partners, Helpscout, TeamViewer, and Acuity Scheduling, help us provide convenient and efficient support to all of our clients.

(Optional) Installation Service

Unleash the full potential of Galileo FX with our optional Installation Service. With a valid license, you can book an appointment with our team and have Galileo FX professionally installed on your computer. Say goodbye to the hassle of figuring out technicalities and let our experts handle it for you. Enjoy a seamless and efficient experience with Galileo FX by taking advantage of our Installation Service.

(Optional) VIP Support

Get the most out of your Galileo FX experience with our VIP Support. For just 50€/month, you'll receive specialized and personalized assistance with faster response times to your emails. Our team will prioritize your requests and provide quicker replies, ensuring that you get the help you need in a timely manner.

Booking Support Session appointments will also be a breeze, as we'll do our best to schedule them on the same day or within 24 hours (weekends excluded).

Don't waste time waiting for answers and fixes. With VIP Support, you'll have instant access to our expert support team and their specialized knowledge. All you need is a valid license for Galileo FX. Join now and get the most out of your Galileo FX experience.

Customize the robot's settings and parameters to fit with your individual trading style and goals.

Live and Demo Trading
Experience the full capabilities of Galileo FX with a lifetime license for one demo and one live account. Start in simulation mode to familiarize yourself with the trading robot before taking the leap to live trading. Don't make the mistake of jumping into real money without proper understanding. Choose to start slowly or go live right away with Galileo FX.

Choose between Slow, Fast, Aggressive and Custom Trading Styles

One of the benefits of using Galileo FX is that you can adjust the settings to fit your individual trading style. Whether you prefer slow and steady or fast and aggressive, Galileo FX has options for you.

For those who like more control, there's also the option to customize your own settings. This means that you can set your own parameters for risk, volume and more.

With the ability to personalize your settings, you can find the perfect balance between profitability and risk management.

One Solution for All Markets

Galileo FX offers compatibility with all markets provided by your broker, allowing you to select only the assets you want to trade.

Eliminate the need for multiple bots. Trade Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Indexes, Metals, Commodities and more, all with one robot.

Control the risk level of your trades.  Set up stop-loss, take-profit limits and more.

'Stop Loss' Setting to Minimize Losses

Define Stop Loss for each trade with Galileo FX, ensuring better control over your account.

Choose the amount you're willing to risk and set limits on trades, with Galileo FX executing Stop Loss automatically.

Limit Number of Trades

Maximize profits and control losses by setting limits on the number of trades opened by Galileo FX.

Choose "Unlimited" for maximum trades, or set a specific limit for precise control.

Experience peace of mind and greater control with Galileo FX's customizable "Max Orders" setting.

Maximize Profits with 'Take Profit' Setting

Maximize your earnings by setting a Take Profit value for each trade. Simply decide on the desired take profit amount and Galileo FX will close the trade when it reaches that value. No more leaving profitable trades open and potentially missing out on potential profits. With Galileo FX, your profits are secured automatically.

'Long Only',  'Short Only', or Both

Maximize profits in bull or bear markets with Galileo FX's advanced trading options. Choose "LONG ONLY" or "SHORT ONLY" trades or both.

Follow the trend or go against it by selecting the best strategy for you. Take control of your trading and increase profits with Galileo FX.

Get a trading bot that can handle different level of investment and adapt to changing market conditions.

No Minimum Balance Required

One of the most common questions we receive is about the minimum balance required to start trading with Galileo FX. The answer is simple - there is none! Whether you have $100 or $1,000,000, you have the flexibility to start trading with the amount that works best for you. No restrictions, no minimums. Start your trading journey today with Galileo FX.

Adapt to any market condition

At Galileo FX, we understand that the financial market is constantly changing and evolving. That's why we've designed our trading bot to be flexible and adaptable to various market conditions. Whether you're facing inflation, speculative bubbles, bull markets, bear markets, deflation, or any other market challenges, Galileo FX has got you covered. Our advanced algorithms analyze market data in real-time and make calculated trades, ensuring that you stay ahead of the game no matter what the market conditions may be.

Maximize Your Profits with Multiple Trading Strategies

Our robot allows you to run multiple strategies at the same time, giving you the power to diversify your portfolio and manage risk. For example, you can use an aggressive strategy on EUR/USD while simultaneously running a conservative strategy on Gold. This level of flexibility and control empowers you to make informed decisions, maximize profits, and minimize losses. Take your trading to the next level with Galileo FX and start enjoying the benefits of multiple strategies today.

Learn about the robot's strategy and how it generates profits.

The trading strategy that buys and sells after a certain number of bullish or bearish signals is based on technical analysis. The robot scans the market in real-time, analyzing charts and looking for patterns based on specific parameters. The strategy is designed to detect consecutive bullish or bearish signals, which are generated by technical indicators, and use these signals to determine whether to buy or sell.

For example, if the parameter is set to 5 consecutive bullish signals, the bot will wait until it detects 5 bullish signals in a row before executing a sell order. The same applies to bearish signals. The strategy is designed to capture inversions of trends in the market and profit from them. The idea behind this strategy is that the more consecutive signals there are, the more likely it is that the trend will reverse.

This type of strategy is commonly used by traders who are looking to automate their technical analysis and make trades based on a set of defined rules. By setting specific parameters for the number of consecutive signals, the robot can make trades that are based on a clear and concise system, reducing the impact of emotions and human error.

In conclusion, the trading strategy that buys and sells after a certain number of bullish or bearish signals is a powerful tool for traders who want to automate their technical analysis and benefit from the scalability and accuracy of a trading robot.