Galileo FX Free Trial & Demo

In the past few months, we've received a few emails asking us:

  • Does Galileo FX offer a free trial version?
  • Is there a demo of Galileo FX?
  • Can I try Galileo FX before I purchase it?

We understand that users want to try Galileo FX before purchase and decide later if our robot is good for them.

Unfortunately, with the current module libraries and software development environment, proving a free trial of Galileo FX isn't technically possible.

We would be glad to offer a free trial for Galileo FX. As new APIs and integrations become available, we hope to be able to offer a free Galileo FX demo in the future.

Can I use Galileo FX on Demo Accounts?

Yes, you can use Galileo FX in demo (simulation mode) without trading real money. Unless you're an advanced trader, we suggest starting in simulation mode.