Testimonial Disclaimer

Regarding the testimonials for Galileo FX, our trading robot, we provide the following disclaimer:

  1. No Editing or Alteration of Reviews: We do not edit, modify, or alter the testimonials or reviews in any way. They are presented as received, with the only exception being the correction of minor grammatical or typographical errors.

  2. No Responsibility for Content: We take no responsibility for the content of the testimonials or reviews. The views and opinions expressed in the testimonials are solely those of the individuals providing them and do not reflect our views, opinions, or policies.

  3. No Guarantee of Results: Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of specific results. Trading involves risk, and the performance of Galileo FX can vary greatly depending on numerous factors.

  4. Voluntary Nature of Testimonials: All testimonials are provided voluntarily and without compensation. They represent individual experiences and should not be taken as advice or endorsements.

  5. Compliance with Italian Law: Our approach to testimonials is in line with our commitment to honesty and transparency in accordance with Italian law and regulations. We aim to provide clear information to our customers and the public.

  6. Contact Information: For any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer or the testimonials, please contact us at support@galileofx.com

  7. Authenticity of Testimonials: Our company does not verify the authenticity or accuracy of the testimonials presented. The testimonials reflect the personal experiences and opinions of individual users of Galileo FX. They are not investigated or validated by us for accuracy or truthfulness. As such, they should be considered subjective opinions of the individuals who provided them.