Automate your trading to the stars.

From €399 One-time-payment

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Manual trading vanishes into the void.

Galileo FX automates the boring stuff.

Galileo FX automatically buys and sells for you, following the settings you choose.

From €399 
One-time-payment. No recurring fees.

You can download and install Galileo FX easily, choosing either to handle the setup yourself or to have our star team do it for you.

Once installed, set your trading style and risk tolerance to orbit between day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing, easily adjusting from conservative to aggressive strategies with just a click.

Launch with a demo account to explore the universe of Galileo FX's capabilities without financial risk.

Transition to live trading where you can track your trades anytime from your phone.

 With Galileo FX, your trades are executed across multiple markets 24/7, even while you're on another planet.

Support with a 90% Galactic Approval Rating

Installation service.

Galileo FX offers an installation service that operates at warp speed, available both at the time of initial purchase and later as an add-on. Whether you're navigating the markets on PC or mobile, our team will remotely beam up and configure everything for you, ensuring a smooth lift-off without you needing to lift a finger. This service allows you to sit back and watch your trading platform launch successfully​​.

Email support.

Our support team is available 16 hours a day, ensuring help is just a light-year away, even on weekends. While weekend hours are slightly shorter, our commitment to providing timely assistance remains as constant as the North Star, ensuring you can trade confidently.

Support sessions.

Gain direct access to our support specialists with two free expert-guided support sessions each month, perfect for troubleshooting asteroids you might encounter along your trade orbit. Whether you're dealing with a minor hiccup or a major anomaly, our crew is ready to help you navigate through. This personalized guidance is just a small part of our universe of support options​​.

Comprehensive guides.

Dive into our expansive galaxy of educational materials, including video tutorials that star our expert traders and written guides that map out everything from basic setup to advanced strategies. Our news section is regularly updated with new articles, keeping you informed on the latest market meteor showers and technological advancements. This educational content is designed to help traders of all experience levels chart their course through the trading universe​​.

"The greatest risk in life
is to risk nothing."

From €399 
One-time-payment. No recurring fees.
Galileo FX aims to provide a simple, fully automated trading experience. Past results have shown an astronomical accuracy rate of up to 96.46% under certain market conditions.
Please note that past performance is not indicative of future results, and risks are involved in all trading activities.

Trading Simplified

  • Galileo FX is a software for automatic trading in the Forex, Crypto, Metals and other markets.
    • Video instructions included and the system is easy to install.
    • Strategy executes trades after identifying a set number of consecutive bullish or bearish signals to profit from trend reversals.

Quick Start

  • Instant Delivery: Available for download after payment.
  • Single User License: Lifetime license available from €399,00
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay.
  • Requirements: Windows Operating system. Can be monitored from iOS or Android. Galileo FX is designed to be compatible with brokers that support MT4 or MT5 platforms. We recommend a spread of 5 pips or lower for optimal performance; however, performance can vary based on broker conditions. Please verify the compatibility and costs associated with your broker before use.

Key Features

  • Fully automated buying and selling
  • Slow, Fast, Aggressive or Custom modes
  • Choose between Day Trading, Swing Trading or Long-term investing
  • 5 levels of loss protection

Harvest Your Trades on Autopilot. With Galileo FX, spend less time trading and more time living.

From €399 Lifetime License - No Recurring Fees
  • Buys/Sells Automatically

  • Start in 5 minutes

  • 24/7 Trading

  • Demo and Live

  • One time payment (Lifetime license)

  • Fast, Slow or Aggressive  Modes

  • Logical Strategy based on technical analysis

  • Loss Protection

  • Customizable Strategy with a couple of clicks

  • Easy to set up (Video guide)

  • Optional Installation Service

  • Works with all MT4/MT5 Brokers

  • Verified on MyFxBook every week

  • Private Forum with 2,000+ members

  • Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Gold & Indexes

  • Monitor from iOS/Android

Rocket your trades to the moon.

Galileo FX Personal, Plus or Pro. Select the version that suits you best.




Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Galileo FX operates in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to financial software. Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of Galileo FX complies with local laws and financial regulations.

Galileo FX CEO Declares War on Industry's 'Profit Illusion'

Galileo FX CEO Ignites Industry with Honest Trading Approach and Unveils Advanced Loss-Protection Measures

Galileo FX Dominates the Automated Trading Industry with a 90% Positive Tech Support Rating

Installing Galileo FX

Galileo FX offers two straightforward installation options: you can download and set up the software yourself using detailed guides, or opt for a hassle-free setup by the Galileo FX team, who will ensure everything is properly installed and configured on your trading platform.