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USD/CHF: Premium Settings

USD/CHF: Premium Settings

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Start making profits in few minutes with our newest premium settings. To make sure these settings are as profitable as possible, we've stress-tested them in 15 different market conditions and 1,100 back-testing hours.

These settings have been selected by our team because of:

  • 98.3% profitability
  • 95.7% success rate
  • 100% stability
  • Protection from news and sudden market changes

How do I use Premium Settings?

Simply load Galileo FX and copy & paste and start making profits immediately.

Why do I need Premium Settings?

If you want to save time and start making profits immediately, we suggest to use premium settings. You don't need to do anything, simply download the settings and add them to your Galileo FX. The trading robot will trade based on these Premium Settings.

What are the requirements?

A valid license for Galileo FX is required.

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